Wednesday, July 10, 2013


                 I can't wait for August.^_^                 
                 We'll be leaving the country for the first time. So excited! My mother is still processing her
                 passport. I hope it'll be done before our flight.The agency said it'll be done on august 6, our flight is august 3. I'd be really upset if my mom can't come. If her passport won't be ready on august 3, it'll be just me and my sister exploring Kuala Lumpur. Geez! that's scary! =)

 Visiting other country has always been my dream.
Hope it'll turn out fine and fun. Wish us luck! ^_^

Anyway, my sister and I had a fight today. 
I hate feeling guilty. Urrgh!

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  1. very cute ! I love totally this dress and shoes style ! ♥