Thursday, July 18, 2013

Nothing tastes as sweet as what I can't have.

It's fifteen days ti'll august 3! 
Kuala Lumpur see yah! ^_^ Lol!

My father's in the hospital again. My sis and mother had to visit him again. 
And one thing you should know about my father is that, he is scared of death. 
I'll just pray for him. =(

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Wednesday, July 10, 2013


                 I can't wait for August.^_^                 
                 We'll be leaving the country for the first time. So excited! My mother is still processing her
                 passport. I hope it'll be done before our flight.The agency said it'll be done on august 6, our flight is august 3. I'd be really upset if my mom can't come. If her passport won't be ready on august 3, it'll be just me and my sister exploring Kuala Lumpur. Geez! that's scary! =)

 Visiting other country has always been my dream.
Hope it'll turn out fine and fun. Wish us luck! ^_^

Anyway, my sister and I had a fight today. 
I hate feeling guilty. Urrgh!

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I'll sleep when I'm dead

We visited our father in the hospital last monday and I was wearing this outfit. And the first thing he said was I look like I'm going to the mall. I just laughed at him. Well, I had no idea that there is some sort of required outfit for going to the hospital.

That yellow wall is my favorite spot in the hospital. ^_^

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Friday, June 21, 2013

Creepy Clown †

           Here's an embarrassing confession, this clown printed dress is actually a PILLOW CASE. My clothes are usually thrift. And I saw this pillow case, I loved the print so I looked for a way to make it a dress. My mom actually laughed at me, she said "Why wear a pillow case when you can buy a real dress. Silly!"
I love the print. I think it doesn't deserve to be just a pillow case becasue it could be more than just a pillow case. Lol!

Pretty Little Liar ☠

☠                  ☠                   ☠                     ☠                      ☠                  ☠                   ☠                     ☠

             I am currently addicted to Pretty Little Liars TV series. And I love Aria's fashion which is portrayed by Lucy Hale.She's more in to skulls and ripped clothes. A DIY kind of chic.

             I was confused on what to post on LB today, the rock chic or the geek chic. I chose the rock chic. But I love geeky look, it's just that I think it looks dull. It's amazing how the look transformed into rock to geek by just changing the shoes and eye wear. Every little detail matters in fashion. A simple change of accessory, shoes, etc. can turn your whole outfit into a different style.

I'm not a fashion expert, just a fashion LOVER.


Friday, June 14, 2013

♡ I won't let you go ♡

            Let me tell you the story of how my hair went from long to extremely short. I went to a salon to get rid of my brittle hair and split ends that was caused by too much hair color. I thought the coiffure was going to follow my instructions on how short I want it, but unfortunately, he was too annoying enough to piss me off. I wasn't able to stop him because he was cutting my hair so fast like he was flash. So he made it super short and I swear I felt soooo terrible that day. I went out at the salon teary eyed and, I'm not exaggerating but at that moment, my knees felt weak to even walk. A famous model even said "Some woman have this certain connection with their hair", and it's true. I don't know about some of you but when something wrong happens to my hair, I panic. My hair is my life! ( Now I'm exaggerating ^_^).

          But now, I think I'm actually loving the short hair. So to finish my speech for this new post, whenever your haircut doesn't turn out the way you expected it to be, don't panic, and just work it girl!  ^_^

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            So anyway, I posted this look on facebook and a friend of mine posted a comment on it. And he said I look 40 years old on the photo. I was like, seriously?! have you seen a forty years old woman?! LOL!
But I didn't really got mad at him. I kept my cool. Maybe it's because of my hairstyle or the outfit that made me look older. I don't know. ^_^

What's written on my shirt .♡. "I thought we had a deal"



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 So I really don't understand the words on my shirts  so I asked everybody. And someone asnwered:

Lily Fang
so chic! your shirt is in French--I can't read it all but the top line says "a story," the next line says "the jewel," and the third line says "that causes..." Those are all imcomplete but you get the idea haha! 

It's not so clear and all but at least I know the few words. ^_^