Friday, June 14, 2013

♡ I won't let you go ♡

            Let me tell you the story of how my hair went from long to extremely short. I went to a salon to get rid of my brittle hair and split ends that was caused by too much hair color. I thought the coiffure was going to follow my instructions on how short I want it, but unfortunately, he was too annoying enough to piss me off. I wasn't able to stop him because he was cutting my hair so fast like he was flash. So he made it super short and I swear I felt soooo terrible that day. I went out at the salon teary eyed and, I'm not exaggerating but at that moment, my knees felt weak to even walk. A famous model even said "Some woman have this certain connection with their hair", and it's true. I don't know about some of you but when something wrong happens to my hair, I panic. My hair is my life! ( Now I'm exaggerating ^_^).

          But now, I think I'm actually loving the short hair. So to finish my speech for this new post, whenever your haircut doesn't turn out the way you expected it to be, don't panic, and just work it girl!  ^_^

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            So anyway, I posted this look on facebook and a friend of mine posted a comment on it. And he said I look 40 years old on the photo. I was like, seriously?! have you seen a forty years old woman?! LOL!
But I didn't really got mad at him. I kept my cool. Maybe it's because of my hairstyle or the outfit that made me look older. I don't know. ^_^

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