Friday, June 21, 2013

Pretty Little Liar ☠

☠                  ☠                   ☠                     ☠                      ☠                  ☠                   ☠                     ☠

             I am currently addicted to Pretty Little Liars TV series. And I love Aria's fashion which is portrayed by Lucy Hale.She's more in to skulls and ripped clothes. A DIY kind of chic.

             I was confused on what to post on LB today, the rock chic or the geek chic. I chose the rock chic. But I love geeky look, it's just that I think it looks dull. It's amazing how the look transformed into rock to geek by just changing the shoes and eye wear. Every little detail matters in fashion. A simple change of accessory, shoes, etc. can turn your whole outfit into a different style.

I'm not a fashion expert, just a fashion LOVER.


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